Thursday, 2 July 2015

Anglican Bishop of Amichi Diocese Against Idolising Uchu River

One of the main focuses of this year's Umuchu Community's yearly prayer session tagged, 'Umuchu Prays', conducted by the Anglican Bishop of Amichi Diocese in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, Rt. Rev. Ephraim Ikeako is exhortation on the people not to continue the worship of a river in that community known as Uchu, which some members of the community believe is the community's progenitor.
During this fifth session of yearly organized by the indigenous bishop, Bishop Ikeako called on Christians to embrace God totally and shun idol worship.
He said that Christians should embrace God totally no matter the trials they face in life and reject idol worshiping. The clergyman urged them to put their trust in God as the ultimate power.
He also urged Christians to shun domination practice but preach the word of God unadulterated in order to propagate the gospel and win souls for the kingdom of God.
Preaching on the theme 'It Is Still Possible', Ikeako urged the congregation and the people of the area to reject the devilish activities of worshipping lifeless objects which have no power over them and taking them to be their gods.
Ikeako said that the ancestors Umuchu deceived their people into believing that the people are children of the Uchu River.

He argued that the Uchu River has no children; it is just a river like every other one. So, why must people worship it leaving God that created them?
He said, "Whoever worships the river will not see good things in his life, whoever that deceived the people using the river, religion and other means will be made to suffer by God".
Ikeako lamented that the ancestors and idol worshipers' elders used those false means to enrich themselves and their family and not to the glory of God, urging the people must reject them.
The one-day prayer session was held at Nkwo Umuchu market square. Ikeako said that, life is all about battle and the battle will be on from birth to death but with God it must be won because it only Jesus that can save the people.

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