Saturday, 1 February 2014

Steps to Connect Blogger, Facebook and Twitter


This article is about connecting Blogger, Facebook and Twitter. To further explain, I will tell you how to use your blogger blog posts as a twit on your twitter account. And then use your twits from your twitter account to update your status on facebook. I am assuming that you already have a Blogger, Facebook and Twitter account.You first have to get the URL of your blogs RSS  feed, if you don't know your blogger blogs RSS then try this URL format /feeds/posts/default

This is the default url format of a blogger blog RSS feed. change yourblogsname to your own blogs name. This goes for all blogs hosted in a blogger platform. You only need to add feeds/posts/default after your main URL.

The next step is to create an account on After creating an account on twitterfeed, you will be able to access your twitterfeed dashboard where you can add feeds, in your case you will put in the feed of your blogger blog. Twitterfeeds will also need your permission to access and add twits to your twitter account, just allow it. The twits coming from twitterfeeds could also be customized on you advanced settings, you could set the update frequency which will determine the interval or the time between each twits and many more customizations.

Now, the task left for you to do is use your twits to update your status on facebook. For this you will simply need to log-in to your facebook account and then find the twitter facebook application. it will also ask you for permission to access your twitter account. Once inside the twitter application there will be an option at the top saying "allow twitter to update your status on facebook" just click on that and you are good to go.

That concludes this article titled How to connect Blogger, Facebook and Twitter

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