Saturday, 1 February 2014

Jokes Vera - Akpors On Board

The Exam
During the exam, Akpors kept looking under the table, then he would write on the answer sheet. His teacher saw him doing that & thought he was copying.  When collecting the paper after the exam..
Teacher: I’m gonna minus 10 marks.
Akpors: Hiiaaa!! Why sir?
Teacher: For copying.
Akpors: How do you know that I was copying?
Teacher: I saw you looking under the table.
Akpors: *laughing* Question 9 said, “STUDY THE TABLE BELOW “.

Akpos Papa
Papa Akpos :- My pikin say you drive am commot for school, Wetin he do???
Akpos’ Teacher :- Your son no know book at all, He no fit spell ” LION ”
Papa Akpos :- Ah Ah…You know say na SMALL pikin……You for tell am make he spell SMALL ANIMAL like ” MOSQUITO

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