Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to Post You Tube Video on Your Site

It is easy to post any youtube video to you site, and you need do is to know the video you need to post. You will not need to upload any thing to the site, so thid should not boarde, don't you are going to loss any bandwith, everything will be on the expense of you tube. Yes I am sure of what I am saying. When the clip is on your site, youtube host it on their server, that simply means that you don't have to cry for your space.

I believe you all understands what I am trying to say. So I'll proceed to giving you the necessary steps to be taken.

Once you locate a youtube video
  1. Scrol down the video to where have share
  2. It is going to open you to a place you see some social networking site to share on twitter, facebook, but we are not after those ones, so you click on embed
  3. Copy the code and place it on an html page on you site.
  4. This step is to help you apply advance statement to the youtube video, things like the size of the ideo can be control by chose the given option, but you can also put in some figure in there to give you your preferred size.
Step 2

  1. This is the simplest step. Right click on the youtube video
  2. Click "copy video url at current time"
  3. Paste it on the site

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